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We're INVESTING in future generations of our leaders!

Join MONAT Gratitude’s effort to invest in important educational resources that support the arts, music, entrepreneurship, and athletics in our communities around the world. Together, we’re changing lives! We believe in strengthening and investing in the nonprofits that are already part of our Market Partners’ lives and communities.

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Standing in the Gap

Join MONAT Gratitude Inc., as we stand in the gap to provide important educational resources, in the areas of the arts, music, entrepreneurship, and athletics, in our communities around the world. As you know by now, we are more than a community of entrepreneurs sharing haircare, skincare and wellness products. Together we are changing lives, and we’re so glad you’re here to join us on this journey!

Our Why

Cuts in education budgets across the world are causing important extracurricular programming to be eliminated. Nonprofit organizations are stepping in to fill these gaps in programming and to open up opportunities to children in underserved communities.


These activities help children with the development of motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking and inventiveness. They provide challenges for learners at all levels.


This programming reduces violence and school dropouts, while also increasing graduation rates end the likelihood that young people will pursue additional educational opportunities after high school.


These activities offer opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, competition, diversity, and a sense of culture and community.

Get Involved


Define your goal, choose a platform to use to collect funds, share your story and inspiration, invite friends and family to donate. No amount is too small – every $1 can make a positive impact.


There will be opportunities to volunteer during all MONAT events, but you can also get started in your own communities! Take action by volunteering and sharing your impact stories with us.


Share the vision and goal with your customers and personal community! Everyone wants to be part of a making a positive impact and to be part of a community that cares about helping others. You can inspire action!


In early October, eligible registered nonprofit organizations will have the opportunity to apply for grants through our new grant portal (will be announce via email!). The opportunity to apply for these funds will open three times in the coming year and funds will be distributed based on these grant applications. We hope our community will help us spread the word and encourage your favorite partner organizations to apply! Stay tuned for more details.

We are investing in future generations of leaders.

Because today, our children may be 50% of our population, but they are 100% of our future!

Donations made by donors residing outside of the United States may not be eligible to claim a tax deduction. Please note, information on this website or application is not intended as legal or tax advice. Please consult your personal tax advisor or attorney to determine eligibility.

MONAT Gratitude, Inc. (hereinafter, “MONAT Gratitude” or “Gratitude Team”), is a Florida registered non-profit organization, exempt from taxation, pursuant to the provisions under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, with its primary and principal place of business as 10000 NW 15 Terrace, Doral, Florida 33172. Contributions made by U.S.-based donors are tax deductible under the federal law. For questions, or to request a copy of our 501(c)3 designations, please contact our Gratitude Team at

MONAT Gratitude is also registered in multiple states, including but not limited to the states listed below. REGISTRATION DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION BY ANY STATE IN WHICH MONAT GRATITUDE IS REGISTERED. Additional registrations by state

Join the Movement

MONAT Gratitude is a growing movement of change makers around the world who strive to make a positive impact. We believe in the power of community, kindness, and self-care. We are showing the world the outsized effect we can have when we embrace the spirit of making a positive difference—by contributing financially, taking action, volunteering, or simply through showing LOVE.

Our Pillars







How can you get involved?


Identify a need in your community and choose a nonprofit partner.

  • Host a collection as part of a Meet MONAT
  • Set up a fundraising page
  • Plan a volunteering team building activity


Choose how you want to take action and invite your team, family, and friends to.


Wear your MONAT gear and share your impact with us by tagging @MONATGratitudeOfficial on Facebook and Instagram!

Making A Positive Impact

In our efforts to treat everyone like family—and help them build beautiful lives inside and out—we share our time, energy, and resources with the communities that we call home. Keep scrolling to find out what we’ve accomplished together just this year!

The Biggest Donation in Gratitude History!

Veterans and first responders received the BIGGEST DONATION in MONAT Gratitude history thanks to your purchases! The limited-edition Treat For Your Feet Duo offered an aromatic and relaxing foot-pampering experience along with the opportunity to make a positive impact. MONAT Gratitude donated 100% of every purchase to organizations supporting our real-life heroes.

Gratitude + Sustainability

using your MONAT order boxes. Together, our MONAT Family can make a huge impact around the world!

How does it work?
  1. PRINT a pre-paid shipping label.
  2. PACK your gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry, toys, or other household items for donation in your MONAT order box or any other box (Check the FAQ for a list of appropriate donation items).
  3. AFFIX the label and ship.
Gratitude + Sustainability

Leadership Summit Raises $25,000!

Hundreds of MONAT Market Partners embraced their inner superheroes and joined us to run and walk as part of our annual Leadership Summit 5K race! We loved being able to come together virtually to support a great cause!

Recognizing Doctors and Hospital Workers

We are always grateful for the tireless work doctors and healthcare providers offer our communities, so we asked our MONAT team and Gratitude Ambassadors around the world to help us celebrate #DoctorsDay! With their support, we were able to gift hospitals in their local areas MONAT masks and products to pamper their doctors on this day! In total we gave 4,200 MONAT face masks and 6,900 MONAT products.

Recognizing Doctors and Hospital Workers

Meet Our Heroes

Also known as the MONAT Hero Award, the Chairman’s Award is presented each year to a Market Mentor or above nominated by other Market Partners. As one of the top three global awards presented by MONAT, this recognition celebrates Heroes whose business success is built upon a solid commitment to make a positive impact no matter where they are.

A MONAT Hero is someone who does more than lead a business and a team, devoting time and effort to giving back to the community. They volunteer, clean up, collect and donate, serve meals, raise funds, and make an impact wherever they go. This person embodies the spirit of giving, philanthropy, and gratitude, because a life of service to others is integral to what they believe.




chairman award image





Jessica, who joined the MONAT family in November 2015, has always been passionate about giving. Through MONAT, she was inspired to take action with the community she helped create. In early 2019, she partnered with Compassion International to help fund and build a community center in Ecuador. Even with this achievement, Jessica didn’t stop Dreaming Big! During MONATions 2019, she used her platform to inspire thousands of people and raised $348,000 USD for the construction of three more Compassion centers in Colombia. Jessica made lifelong friendships, became a mentor, traveled to exciting places, and joined a loving community dedicated to giving back.

chairman award image

“Gratitude is a way to live your life and creates so much joy! We all have something to be grateful for. And by living your life in gratitude, not only can you help others, but it opens the door for others to be inspired to give along with you! When you step out—big or small—it creates a trickle effect, and you will be amazed at all that can be achieved!”





Christina strives to eliminate feelings of isolation and loneliness for mothers in the special-needs community and continues to build her support group, the Warrior Mixer Initiative. For her chosen MONAT Hero partner charity, she selected Wheels for the World, an organization that provides wheelchairs to those in need all over the world, changing lives through accessibility. Passion and perseverance have brought Christina great success through her MONAT business, and she is excited to help others keep Dreaming Bigger! She encourages everyone to find their Gratitude purpose by exploring different avenues. Once you find one that makes your heart skip a beat, RUN with that effort!

chairman award image

“The beauty of Gratitude is that everyone can find their own unique passion and implement it for free. It doesn’t have to be some huge movement—most of them won’t be. Just remember, to the world you may be one person, but to one person you might be the world.”





Not only does Jennifer work as a police officer in her hometown, she also started Girlz Will Be Girlz, a group that mentors young girls who live in high-risk and underserved areas of Toronto. Currently, Jennifer mentors more than 30 girls, supporting them through life’s ups and downs—even when they occasionally need a safe, warm home to stay in temporarily. She’s thankful that MONAT has provided the opportunity for her to mentor and support even more girls through her passion program.

chairman award image

“The moment you start giving back to our beautiful universe, in whatever capacity, is the moment your soul is filled with goodness. You will change lives and inspire those around you. Being humble, grateful, and kind—these are my daily mantras.”





Amy is committed to encouraging children and young adults to step into their destiny and believes her MONAT business has enabled her to have a greater positive impact. She volunteers as a coach with Girls on the Run to ensure every girl knows about—and activates—her limitless potential. Amy is also passionately devoted to supporting JOY International, dedicated to the rescue, restoration, and reintegration of children, teens and young adults affected by trafficking.

chairman award image

“View each day as an opportunity to be the change we wish to see in the world around us. We can either complain or do something about it. Be a doer! You will be surprised at what God can do with your YES!”





Lam pays it forward with her innate instinct to heal the broken hearted and bandage their wounds. Lam founded the Heal Foundation to help the underserved heal the body, mind, and spirit. As a physician who focusses on healing severe wounds, Lam is exceptionally passionate and committed to her profession. She feels extremely blessed for her opportunity to create a fulfilling life and help others find health and happiness.

chairman award image





Sara’s passion is to serve the foster children in her home of Arkansas, where she serves as a Soaring Wings Ranch board member and dedicated volunteer. Through support of her local White Hall Food Pantry, Sara also helps provide children with meals over the summer and during school breaks. Sara believes MONAT is a gift, as well as a family.

chairman award image

“The collective, positive impact that we can have on the world when we work together toward a common goal is an inspiration.”

Meet Our 2021-2022 Ambassadors

We select a dynamic team of Gratitude Ambassadors each year to serve as liaisons between MONAT and local community Market Partners’ gratitude efforts. Gratitude Ambassadors go beyond giving back! They help shape the MONAT Gratitude mission by providing insight, sharing ideas, and participating in brainstorming events with the corporate team.




Escondido, California



San Antonio, Texas

Doris Gissele


Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Our incoming class of 2021–2022 Ambassadors will be announced on stage during Lu’s Presentation!

Stay Tuned

*When the 2021–2022 Gratitude Ambassadors are announced, all selected Ambassadors will receive an email from the MONAT Gratitude team. We are very appreciative to all of our Leaders who have applied for this opportunity!

If all of your prayers were answered, would they change the world…or just your world?"
Lu Urdaneta

Lu Urdaneta

MONAT Gratitude Founder & CEO